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Monkey Business is a unique hospitality group, based in Israel, operating a number of Israel’s foremost food and drink venues

Redefining the bar experience since 2008.

Our venues and services have pioneered the way for hospitality in Israel and are recognized across the world, continuing to push the boundaries of excellence in the service industry.



Israel’s first, longest running and most awarded cocktail bar. 223 was opened in 2008, pioneering the field of cocktails in Israel and showcasing a new, never-seen-before, approach to hospitality.

223 is historically considered a hot bed for the field's top bartenders and a cradle of leadership for the Israeli hospitality industry.

A unique and surreal approach for hospitality and cocktails is what characterizes Bellboy the most. By using obscure and unusual ingredients combined with quirky and fun presentations, Bellboy is a game-changing, high-end, unforgettable experience.

Butler is a non-identical twin to ‘Bellboy’. Situated inside a secret room within the ‘Bellboy’ perimeter, Butler features a quaint, classic, one-on-one bartending experience. Showcasing the smallest bar room in Israel with only 12 seats, Butler is available for date-night, solitude drinking or small private functions with your own personal "Butler".

In the heart of Tel Aviv, we established Hôtel de Ville, our charming Gastro-Bar filled with magic inspired by the countless small neighborhood bistros which dot the various quarters of Paris.

DuckFace events is Israel's first quality events bar service featuring creative drinks, fun loving atmosphere and an innovative approach to hospitality. DuckFace, from the creators of award winning bars such as "BELLBOY" and "223", represents a new era in modern events and redefines the experience for event goers around Israel and the world.

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Ariel Leizgold

Ariel Leizgold is a World Class award winning bartender.

In 2008 Ariel opened Tel Aviv's first ever cocktail bar and since then he's launched numerous award winning bars and restaurants, both in Israel and around the world. These venues have become nightlife hot-spots for those seeking a thrilling and sophisticated experience to enrich the senses.

In 2011 Leizgold had the honor of being inducted into the list of 50 most influential people in Israel's hospitality industry and in 2012 he got the pleasure of authoring the country's leading bartending course and training book.

Ariel Leizgold is the most awarded bartender in Israel's history.

"If I  were a cocktail, I would be a Martini. Classic, yet relevant. Simple, yet complex."


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